The Hybrid Model

Dear Entrepreneur,

As you know, The Landing Factory besides creating templates also offers a premium design service where we charge a premium as well. 

In return, you get a unique, great-looking, high converting website or a funnel that will make your competitors envy you.

However, some businesses out there (and maybe yours too) don’t need a super premium-looking website and just need a simple, informational presentation of their business online.


Maybe you are just starting out and don’t want or don’t have the resources to spend thousands of dollars on a new website and you just want to have something to get you started.

Imagine a brick-and-mortar business that needs a simple website consisting of a homepage, about page, services page, contact page, and maybe a blog.

In other words, what many people would call – a normal website.

This is exactly what we are aiming at here with this service, hence the much lower price.

But, there’s a catch.

Sure, you’ll get a nice-looking website for cheap, but the main term you need to agree to is to allow us to reuse the design of the website we did for you and repurpose it and sell it as a template on The Landing Factory.

*Of course, we would change the logo, maybe some colors, fonts, and definitely change some of the photos, but the main layout design would stay the same and would go on sale at The Landing Factory marketplace.

There are some more conditions mentioned below, but this is the main one you need to agree to.

Now let’s see what you are getting with this service.


This is a test service we are doing, it’s not 100% sure we’ll keep this offer in the future nor do we promise if we keep it that it will remain with these current conditions and current pricing.


$100 per page (+VAT) – Min. order of 5 pages

This is what you get:

This is what you don’t get:

How will this work exactly?

Due to the budget-friendly pricing for this service, we can’t include all the bells and whistles we usually offer in our premium design service, and some limitations and special conditions will apply to this hybrid model.

If you want to hire us to do this for you, you must read and agree to the terms written below:

  1. Revisions: Up to 3 rounds of design revisions per page (extra revisions available at a cost)
  2. Timeline/deadline: We’ll of course do our best to deliver your new website as soon as possible but due to this very budget-friendly offer we’ll work on our own pace without strict deadlines.
  3. Design rights: The website you’ll get from us is yours to keep. However, we reserve the rights of our designs so we can reuse and repurpose them as templates on The Landing Factory.
  4. Niche: In some cases certain niches won’t be a good fit for this offer. We reserve the right to decline your request if we decide your niche is not a good fit.
  5. Page builder: This offer is valid only for websites made with either Elementor Pro or Thrive Architect WordPress page builders, no exceptions.
  6. Video testimonial/case study: By accepting to hire us with this offer you are required, upon finishing the project/website, to record a video testimonial where you will share your experience of working with us and allow us to use that video (together with your name, job title and company name) on our website .
  7. Acceptance: We reserve the right to accept or reject your project/website for any reason if we think it wouldn’t be a good fit for this hybrid custom design model.

Great, apply below!

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